"I was really impressed with your talk at Mike Barber's meeting.  I haven't heard one so impressive since I used to work for "Bear" Bryant.  It was informative and entertaining at the same time.  Truth and timing really go a long way in a talk.  When someone gives a talk that they know something about and are sincere about it, it has got to get your attention.  Your talk sure got mine.  Thank you."

Coach Bum Phillips
NFL Coach Extraordinaire


"Self Talk will empower you, enrich you and enhance your life...if you let it.  That's what Dr. Jim Will has provided...the materials necessary to empower yourself.  That simply is the key...that is what Dr. Jim Will is all about."

Craig MacFarlane
Author- Inner Vision: The Story of the World's Greatest Blind Athlete


"In 34 years of marketing I heard more than my required share of hotdog oriented, physically spirited pep talks.  But listening to you for 45 minutes was a whole brand-new experience.  I would have been much better off if I could have been able to listen to you thirty years ago.  Excellent job--greatly done!"

Henry C. Fry, M.A.
Engineering Account Manager
Willbanks and Associates, Inc.


"Dr. Will's innovative ideas and seminars has allowed our clinic to reach our number one goal in a much shorter time frame than we originally thought; the education of our patients as to what we do different. In addition, his seminars have had much greater positive impact on employees than any consulting group we have used. Like a good doctor, Dr. Will solves problems."

Dr. Tim McCullough
Biotech Natural Medicine Clinic


"The flavor and intent of Dr. Will's philosophy is well illustrated in this book!  It is practical, motivating and usable.  It is appropriate for a wide audience, i.e. professionals, businesses, laypersons and youth."

O.J. Rupiper, Ed.D., Ph.D.


"In 1981 I had my initial exposure to Dr. Will's teachings.  I have successfully applied his Self Talk principles to my business and personal life.  All three of my children have benefited greatly from what Dr. Will has shared with me. My son, Tom, is a single-digit handicap golfer and Director of Marketing for Marriott Golf.  My daughter, Erica, is a 5X Drag Racing National Champion and currently the only female Professional Pro Stock Driver in NHRA.  My daughter, Courtney, is a 3X Drag Racing National Champion.  We all thank Dr. Will for the significant role he has played in our happiness and success!  I could never repay him for the results we've been blessed with."

Gregg Enders
Enders Racing, LLC


"About 20 years ago, I heard you speak about Self Talk, and it made a big difference in my life...Your system gave me courage and determination at a time when I needed it badly, and it helped me to turn my life around.  As a result, I've enjoyed great success as an expert in virtually all areas of publishing."

Leslie Claire
Design Clarity


"In the history of Norwegian Caribbean Lines, we have never had 100% of the seminar participants respond, that is until now.  Dr. Will has taken us to new heights."

David M. Stafford
International Marketing
Norwegian Cruise Lines


"Thank you for your excellent program, 'Dealing with Change', which you presented to the Texas Passenger Traffic Association.  After the program, several members told me how much they enjoyed your ideas.  Others told me that it was the best TPTA meeting they had ever attended."

Kit Jones
Supervisor-Travel & Special Arrangements
Pennzoil Company


"I want to thank you again for your excellent contribution to M. David Lowe/Houston Post seminar.  You were a vital addition to our program and your knowledge and energy greatly impressed the seminar participants."

M. David Lowe
Chairman of the Board
M. David Lowe Personnel Services


"This letter is written with praise and gratitude from all of us on the Business Advancement Committee, for the talk you gave. The responses I have heard, over the past several weeks, have been tremendous. You were exactly the type of speaker we needed."

Mike Scott
Mike Scott & Associates


"I have heard many motivation and personal development speakers before, but I personally felt that your presentation was one of the best I have heard. Many of our graduates have also expressed how much they enjoyed your speech and your video and audio programs. I look forward to your future presentations."

Von Brock
Mortgage Buyer Associates, Inc.


"Self Talk works immediately.  Dr. Will has a unique way of teaching and what he has done has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.  It can transform a marriage from one that's heading for the divorce court to one that will be a lifelong benefit for both people."

Dr. Susan Gwaltney


"I have attended numerous seminars over the years, but none have impressed me as much nor been as beneficial as yours.  It was like being in a darkened room and you switched on the light."

John Hannan
Marketing Director
Cascade Homes


"This year's ABWA Boss Night was the best ever. My boss, Charles Cauthen, was so impressed with your presentation that he bought all of your tapes."

Virginia Boggan
Program Chairperson


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