About Dr. Will

Dr. Jim Will received his Ph.D. with honors in Educational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma at the age of twenty-five.  Early work by Dr. Will, in the study of high performers and their Self Talk, led him to develop his unique brand of self-image psychology.  His work has been instrumental in helping thousands of people change their Self Talk and consequently, the way they look at themselves.  This conscious change in Self Talk leads to improved self-image and self-esteem which enhances all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

A noted international speaker, Dr. Will has shared his information on Self Talk with people in Australia, England, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, Africa, Canada and Central and South America.  Dr. Will has also appeared as a guest on television and radio shows throughout the United States.

During his career, Dr. Will has worked with hundreds of businesses of every size and representing a wide variety of industries.  Through the conscious application of Self Talk principles, Dr. Will has significantly improved customer service in banks, five star hotels,  restaurants, private clubs and resorts, a six star cruise line, and many other businesses that deal directly with the public.

Following the Challenger tragedy, NASA asked Dr. Will to work with some of their employees on managing their Self Talk during this difficult time.  Dr. Will has also lectured to people in all walks of life including business organizations, NFL referees, professional ice skaters, and board room executives.  Dr. Will has worked with Hall of Fame Professional Rodeo Bull Fighters, civic groups, NHRA race car drivers, college and professional athletes, ballerinas, prison inmates and officials.  Dr. Will has also counseled with high school and university faculties with both students and staff in the areas of self-image psychology and Self Talk, thus enhancing their performances. 

Over the years, Dr. Will has helped hundreds of businesses improve productivity and sales with his seminars on Self Talk and how it relates to sales and personal skills. He has also developed ongoing relationships with businesses where he has shared his experience and knowledge of Self Talk, improving their overall operations and management, including their business and marketing strategies. The concepts of selling and marketing in a Relationship-Enhanced Environment™ are a natural extension of self-image psychology and can be applied to any business in any industry. These services are now being offered to any company that would like to develop a more effective, service-based, relationship-oriented business and marketing strategy.

Dr. Will has worked as a consultant to the Wilmington Institute, a world-renowned trial science organization. Dr. Will has also written numerous articles for publications such as the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) and Direct Selling News.

In his book, The Power of Self Talk, Dr. Will shares the exciting discoveries from his vast research and practice in the area of self-image psychology.  His concepts quickly teach one how to evaluate and direct the internal conversation known as Self Talk.  As a result, personal and professional productivity is increased on a consistent and conscious basis.

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