Dr. Jim Will's Business Services


Dr. Will can customize a program designed to fit your specific needs. To assist you in identifying your needs we have provided a list of common challenges:


Managing and Controlling Your Self Talk

Creating Loyal Customers

Developing Effective Relationship Selling

Building Self Confidence as a Leader

Creating an Environment for Effective Teamwork

Maximizing Time Organization

Minimizing Stress in Your Life

Handling and Preventing People Problems

Delegating More Effectively

Improving Communication Throughout Your Organization

Training Others for Better Performance

Improving Problem Solving

Conducting More Productive Meetings



Here's an example of a customized seminar: 


Dr. Jim Will's Restaurant Seminar

Will Show Your Staff How To 



Understand the Importance of Their Relationships with Your Guests

Better Understand and Establish Rapport with Your Guests

Communicate Effectively with Your Guests

Understand the Difference Between a Satisfied and a Loyal Customer

Build and Maintain Loyal Guests

Understand and Cater to the 4 Different Personality Types

Diffuse Irate Customers

Make Quality Presentations and Increase Their Tips

Become Self Motivated

See the "Thumbprint on the Front Glass Door"

Be Aware of Blind Spots

Treat Other Employees as "Internal Customers"

Work Together as a Team

Handle and Prevent People Problems


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